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This is a Gold and Platinum Enhanced Ormus using Colloids, Deadsea, Pink Himalayan, and Pacific salts. Our Ormus is made using Filtered, opposing magnetic fields disruption, vortexed, harmonically revitalized water only "tap, mineral, spring water is never used because of impurities and toxins". Solfeggio 528Hz. Harmonically tuned during the curing process. Many have had great results from this ormus.

The color is a light pink and has a salty to low mild salt taste depending on each individuals taste preference.

Ormes- Obitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements originate in the mineral kingdom, and are the foundation of Ormus. These Ormes are stored in the salts of the planet's oceans. Some of the known Ormus elements are Colbalt, Copper, Palladium, Nickel, Rhodium, Ruthenium, Gold, Platinum, Silver, Iridium yet they are not in their metallic form and all have a place in our physical well being. Ormus quickly delivers trillions of monatomic particles connecting you to your subtle energy body thereby opening up a person' many acupuncture points and restoring the proper flow to these straved locations, thus bringing the body back into ease and providing the correct energetic template for future cellular regeneration. This re-established direct physical connection to your energy body greatly assists one in removing unhealthy energy stagnation and blockages that have become established over the years. Believed to help with anti-aging, also helps boost energy, hair and nail growth, less pains, eye-hand coordination, increased cognitive skills, less moodiness, mediation, alertness, overall feelings of well-being and many more benefits not listed.

SUGGESTED USE: One teaspoon daily for small body people and one tablespoon daily for larger body people or as needed.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and none of my supplements are intended to treat, cure or diagnose anything. Nothing here is intended to, or should replace, an in-person consultation with the appropriate professional. By purchasing anything from me, you agree to do all your own research before using anything and hold me harmless against anything unpleasant that might happen to anyone, anywhere, ever.

Gold and Platinum Ormus (High Potency) 16oz

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